What Tomorrow Brings

Standing gazing at the fading sun
As Autumn’s leaves whispered on the breeze
Copper pieces falling through your life
The cold and damp will get you once again

Your secret smile’s gone and turned away
Left you lonely for another day
But days turn into months and years
And painful thoughts turn into bitter tears

You tell yourself you’ll never reach the sky
The wind will lift you like a bird so fly, high

The cards were dealt to you so long ago
The joker played and we both now know
The rules of chance in life are never fair
But decks of cards and life don’t seem to care

As darkness falls I will catch your dreams
And stop your fears falling through the seams
I’ll cry your tears while you gently sleep
And promises I made to you I’ll keep

So tell yourself you’ll reach the sky
Spread your broken wings and learn to fly, high

So hold my hand sweet love and hold it tight
We’ll keep on gazing at the fading light
Whatever hardship that tomorrow brings
Hand in hand endure the painful things
‘Cos no-one knows just what tomorrow brings
United, strong we’ll glide upon my wings
And no-one knows just what tomorrow brings

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