A Penny For Your Thoughts

I guess you always wanted more
So I left and closed the door
I watched your face and you watched mine
Tears of salt and yours of wine
Children lying in their beds
Another tear you failed to shed

Faded photographs of days gone by
Kodak moments asking why

You said I was naive, but now I believe
You took me for a ride, while you lied and lied
You didn’t seem to care, for what was right or fair
The whistle sounded right, to end this painful fight

The pieces of a life we had
Almost makes my sadness glad
You kept your feelings locked away
Saved them for a rainy day
Something right or something wrong
Crying trying to sing this song

Faded memories of days gone by
And forever wondering why

And now I’m on my own, inside a loveless home
Feeling so confused, feeling so misused
The clock is ticking fast, please don’t forget the past
The times we laughed and cried
And felt our worlds collide
And now you’re moving on, the memories have gone
With nothing left I’ve bought
A penny for your thoughts

I guess you always wanted more
So you left and closed the door

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