Liza Radley

Liza Radley see the girl with long hair
See her creeping across summer lawns at midnight

And all the people in the town where we live
Say she’s not quite right
She don’t fit in with a small town

They just can’t understand why she doesn’t say much
But in her darkened room it’s for their lives only she cries

Liza Radley see her jump through loneliness
Liza Radley take me when you go

And as the people pass by their heads in the air
Haunted with their noise she recalls a lonely sigh

But no matter what they say in her mind
She knows their dream of life, they won’t ever find

Liza Radley I pledge myself to you alone
She kissed my face and said love means nothing at all
She kissed my face and said life means nothing at all

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