Please be careful is never careful
Til it hears the gun
And she will always pay the bills
For the having big fun
You talk so well what can you do?
It’s pretty plain he means it too
I don’t want to sell you lines
I only mean to do you right
But I’m a simple slave of appetite
I’m a poor slave of appetite

Hungers howls, hungers red
Hungers stays until it’s fed
Then it somehow fades
Then it somehow leaves your sight
Depending on it’s appetite
Depending on your appetite

So if you take then put back, good
If you steal, be Robin Hood
If your eyes are wanting all they see
Then I think I’ll name you after me
Yes I think I’ll call you appetite

Here she is with two small problems
And the best part of the blame
Wishing she could call him heartache
But it’s not a boy’s name
If you grow up to be
Just like him, just like me
You’re fighting for exclusive rights
For honeymoons each sleepless night
Then I think I’ll call you appetiteYes I think I’ll call you appetite

Written By Paddy McAloon. Copyright © CBS Records

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