Tottenham Cafe Road

Young man still wet behind his ears
His eyes wide to his fate
His fortune still to make

He saw the pavements lined with gold
The windows full of cheer
The hope of yesteryear

I’ll never see your face my friend
I’ll never feel the love I feel
I’ll never see this place again
Now only memories remain
I’ll never feel the love I feel
There’s nothing left here only pain

Good times and many friends were made
A harmony that breathed
Forever we believed

Times changed
And landlords came and went
The one thing they agreed
It’s time to raise the rent

And now the chapter’s been and gone
My plans are all laid waste
A bitter aftertaste

I’ll raise a glass to those that stayed
They know the future crowd
Will pay the price for click & save

Copyright ©2015 Martell & Moray

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