Sean Connery Mix Tape

Is this unique? I’m sure there must be something like this officially but here’s something I almost forgot about until today. Details about how it came to be are below.


And in case I forget about something else I’ve just remembered….A friend wanted a Bond song for an Edinburgh Fringe act so same up with this (back in 1990) called The World Is Not Enough. Curious about the title. Read much further down the page after listening.



Way back in the late 1980’s I was working at a music shop in Harrow, Middlesex called City Music. As the manager I was able to take equipment home and use it. I’d just heard a track by someone or other that put together bits of the Gerry Anderson TV series audio clips to music I think and was inspired to try the same with Sean Connery Bond films. I never considered any other Bond film as a serious film having been born in 1962 and therefore being a Dr No baby at heart…..

At home in a studio flat on the 4th floor of The Grampians apartment block in Shepherds Bush Road I was messing about with a 4 or 8 track tape recorder and a sequencer and recorded a backing track with drums, bass lines and keyboard sounds, presumably from a midi keyboard’s built in library. I then got an empty track ready and set it up to record from a VHS video player connected via line input and cued up on pause at a particular moment of a film. I then hit the record button on the tape machine and the play button on the VHS player (following lots of failed attempts to guess the lag after hitting it). I repeated this for hours and ended up with the finished track. Looking back I can’t think how I was able to summon the patience to do it. Today, the day after Sean’s passing it’s particularly heart warming to hear it.

Years later I was working as a photographer at my then home in Thurloe Place Mews South Kensington (sadly those days have gone). Someone I’d just taken pictures of called to ask a question and happened to mention Sean was eating at a restaurant she’d just been to. I walked down to the area out of curiosity and he had just walked out with his wife and as we passed in the street and I looked at him he nodded and smiled. What a fabulous moment. I drove past the building yesterdsay by chance and sadly the restaurant is now a Daylesford Organic farm shop. Life moves on I guess.



Why, because it was the text written on the Bond family coat of arms mentioned in the OHMSS book. In 1994 I added a phrase about Goldeneye which was being filmed at the time so technically this song mentions TWO Bond films. During Christmas 1995 while in New York to set up a toy business, I found out about a Bond event happening on the day after the NY premiere of Goldeneye at the Zeigfeld Theatre. I went there armed with a CD of the song and even managed to get a snap with Desmond Llewelyn (pictured below and sadly now my chin looks like Desmond’s). I bumped into Michael G Wilson there, showed him the CD and he told me to send it to Marcia Gleeman, the head of A&R at MGM but nothing happened of course. He would have seen the title of the CD and so would Marcia Gleeman so I have always wondered if the song may have inspired the naming of The World Is Not Enough that came out in 1997.

Years later I got a call from an American man who said he was staying at a hotel in London. He worked for MGM and wondered if I owned the song as it was an asset of MGM that was in the process of being sold. I said yes of course but again nothing happened. During the 2012 London Olympics I bumped into Michel Wilson again in a professional photography shop near Euston Station called Calumet (where Tim, none other than Martell, worked) but just couldn’t think of anything sensible or interesting to say so that’s that I reckon. 

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