Take two middle-ages blokes who share a passion for decent music, add guitars, whisky, brandy and a penchant for a good old natter, shake liberally and cover with a sprinkling of cheesy snacks. Simmer in a recording studio converted from an an old Elddis Buccaneer® caravan for a lengthy evening and, voila – Martell & Moray.

Barry Says…

Martell & Moray came about for no other reason than Paul Weller. Tim asked me to teach him to play ‘Early Morning Rain’, ironically a Gordon Lightfoot cover version from a BBC radio show hosted by Mark Lamarr, standing in for Jonathan Ross, and after being bored with music for years I listened to the track and got hooked again due to the power that just one guitar and voice could produce. I currently prefer Paul’s acoustic stuff by miles for that reason.

A previoulsy unpublished image of Paul Weller taken at the Pavilion Baltard in Paris, France on February 26th 1981. More images of this gig can be found in the book mentioned below.

As an 18 year old I was bonkers on The Jam and was very lucky enough to have played support to them (in a band called Jump In Your Datsun) on the Brighton leg of the Trans Global Express Tour.  The date was March 13th 1982 at The Brighton Centre. The gig came about after I had met Paul a few times after Jam gigs and thrust poems and demo tapes at him whenever I could. He did tell me once he liked a poem of mine called ‘The Fisherman’ and he also very much liked ‘Dead In Your Garden’, a song written by Joe Butt from Littlehampton who was the lead singer in ‘Jump In Your Datsun’, which is why we got the gig. Joe is still going strong. You can find him here.

Jump In Your Datsun also supported ‘Secret Affair’, ‘The Lurkers’, ‘Rudi’, ‘The Alarm’ and ‘The Bootleg Beatles’.

Many years later a photograph I had taken in Paris of The Jam in February 1981 was chosen for the cover of the recently published book ‘Thick As Thieves: Personal Situations With The Jam’.

Personal Situations With The Jam

To view or buy Personal Situations With The Jam click here to go to Amazon.

And just a little something to help remember Sean Connery who passed away yesterday. It’s a unique, never been heard before mix of audio clips from Sean’s James Bond films set to music and recorded in the late 1980s, only for the cobwebs to be dusted off now for your audio pleasure. Here it is.

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